Your Personal and Professional WordPress Expert

For a reasonable fee, I’ll provide personal, helpful and direct support to you while maintaining the quality and security of your website. Hire me as your personal and professional support consultant for all things WordPress.

WordPress Support

I offer WordPress support services on a monthly retainer basis. This service allows you to have me on-call as your personal WordPress expert to answer questions, fix problems and support you and your WordPress website.

per month

  • Backup Management
  • Software Updates
  • Security Monitoring
  • Database Optimisation
  • Updated Training Videos
  • Up to 2 hours of support and consulting*

per month

  • Backup Management
  • Software Updates
  • Security Monitoring
  • Database Optimisation
  • Updated Training Videos
  • Up to 4 hours of support and consulting*

per month

  • Backup Management
  • Software Updates
  • Security Monitoring
  • Database Optimisation
  • Updated Training Videos
  • Up to 8 hours of support and consulting*

Payments are handled via PayPal Recurring Payments. After you’ve completed your transaction, you will be redirected to this site to submit your website details and information. 

*Extra hours are available and billed separately at the rate of $90/hr.

Support and benefits for your website

   Database Cleaning

I’ll perform regular cleaning of your website to keep it running fast and smooth.

   Priority Support

Responsive email support directly from me whenever you need it. Get fast fixes, troubleshooting, training and more.

    Software Updates

I monitor your site daily to give you peace of mind that your website software is always up to date.

   Backup Management

I’ll ensure that there are secure backups so your site can be restored quickly if anything goes wrong.

   Video Tutorials

Video tutorials available so you’ll never feel like you are on your own.

 Security Monitoring

I’ll setup constant security monitoring to any nasty intruders out.

WordPress Website Care

Reliable, Skilled and Knowledgable


How do I get help?

Send me an email. I always try to respond to emails within 24 hours and promise to work quickly to resolve your issue and provide support. I will get your work done in a timely manner.

How do I pay?

When you sign up, you’ll be setup through PayPal using a payment system they call Recurring Payments. You’ll be billed monthly for the service level you sign up for and payments are automatic.

How many support requests do I get?

As many as you need. Each support level is given a set numbers of hours of work. I do my own time-tracking and will provide my time sheets to you on request. If, in any billing period we get close to using up your time, I will let you know. My goal is to always keep you fully informed about your account with me.

How do you manage updates and monitoring?

I install a small piece of software to your WordPress website and use that to monitor your site and handle the updates. These checks are done daily. There are other automated checks that I do that alert me if something is wrong with your site. If I get an alert, I go check it out and fix the problem. If it is nothing serious, I’ll just sort it out quickly. For bigger issues, I’ll keep you informed and work with you on the resolution.

Can I change my plan?

Yes. If you feel you need more hours or want to adjust to a lower plan, just let me know. Alternatively, I do offer additional hours at the rate of $75/hour when you have a pressing need that goes beyond work completed within your service plan. 

Can I cancel my account with you?

While I would hate to see you go, you can cancel at anytime. No questions asked, no hard-sell to stay.